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[Video] Warehouse Automation: What is the future of Warehousing?

How can you modernize your warehouse for the future?

The need for speed

Shipments are increasing, and the demand to receive shipments in one or two days is growing. If you are not modernizing your warehouse, you will not have the capability to deliver a high level of customer service. What is the future of warehousing – Automation.

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warehouse automation

How do you get started?

Start simple! L-Tron will work with you to evaluate your current workflow and see where you can make improvements. Seconds saved equals high ROI.

How do you get there?

Equip your staff with the right technology. We will work with you to select the correct hardware for your warehouse distribution center. We partner with Zebra Technologies to bring you leading technology solutions. Start small with the implementation of  barcode scanners, mobile computers and printers.

warehouse shipping

What technology is right for you?

Here are just some examples of warehouse automation:

Barcode scanners – utilize barcode scanners for effectively tracking inbound and outbound inventory

Tablets/ Mobile computers – eliminate pens and clipboards and have access to real time inventory levels, fullfillment dates, and reorder notifications.

Printers – print barcode labels for enhanced traceanility

Choosing a tech partner

Choosing the right tech partner is critical.  Together, L-Tron and Zebra bring you leading hardware for the warehouse environment. The technology is durable, fast, user-friendly and built for front line employees.

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