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[Whitepaper] What Is RFID & RTLS: Where They Can Take You?


RFID and RTLS: What They Are and Where They Can Take You



Authored by:
Trevor DiMarco, VP of Sales and Engineering
Carmella Giancursio, Technical Copywriter and Editor

RFID and RTLS have revolutionized many processes already enhanced by barcode technology. So what is RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Technology) and RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems)? Explore the basics of both, their history, and some of their significant applications.

Some strong examples of the benefits achieved by implementing RFID:

  • $2.1 million annual savings by a computer manufacturer through enhanced asset tracking.
  • $1.19 million savings by an IT and business process outsourcing provider through improved IT asset management.
  • Return on investment of approximately 400% by a jewelry company through enriched retail operations.
  • System payback in less than a year by a commodity manufacturer through improved warehousing processes.

Why do I want this whitepaper?

Radio-Frequency Identification technology has been utilized for a variety of applications for half of a century, yet it’s nowhere near what we would consider “old technology.” From the military to manufacturing to retail applications, RFID enables its users to track assets, collect data, and more to maximize their operations – much like what we see in barcode technology solutions.

While barcode solutions are one popular way to track assets and collect data, advancements in radio-frequency technology have made this a viable alternative to collect the same information and more.

RTLS, or a Real-Time Location System, uses wireless signals to locate the exact location of personnel and assets. RTLS is optimal for long-distance or evolving applications.

Learn how real-life applications are utilizing RFID and then benefits that both RFID and RTLS provide.

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