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How Do You Measure Technology ROI and Future Success?

Law Enforcement technology solutions as it relates ROI (return on investment) can be a pretty heavy subject – especially when leadership comes looking for answers.

Much like palm-readers or psychic fortune-tellers, vendors can peer into their crystal ball and tell a buyer exactly what they want to hear but is it really what you need?

So, what do you do when the question comes: “When will we see the ROI?”



As we explained in our whitepaper, Defining Technology Success, law enforcement technology ROI is not just about dollars and cents!

Make sure leadership understands the difference between “hard” and “soft” ROI and takes a deeper look at the complex relationship between a system, its users, and other stakeholders; this will enable your organization to better-define what ROI for a given system looks like, well beyond the superficial cost-benefit analysis traditionally used to measure success.

Once stakeholders, leadership, and  technology partners are on the same page, the ROI question will no be so daunting.


start with the end in mind

If you’ve asked yourself our 10 Questions for Determining ROI and you’re approaching a technology solution purchase, your technology partner(s) need to be able to help you determine the benefits of a given solution/product.

  • Some things to look for:
    • Bench-mark data (ie. what are other users experiencing with this solution?)
    • Usability statistics (Such as ‘The Hidden Benefits of eCitation)
    • Past project ROI & case studies (from similar client(s))
    • User surveys & feedback
    • Testimonials (from both the vendor and third-party sources, if available – See ‘4910LR: An Officer’s Perspective’)
    • Industry white papers
    • Roll-out plans & timelines
    • Cost


 understand the relationship between time and ROI

One thing that is often misunderstood is how long it may take for a technology solution to exhibit “true ROI” (as defined by your organization, regulatory agencies, etc.) in both a monetary/statistical sense and in other, less-quantifiable ways. Ask yourself:

  • Will the benefits be immediate?
  • Will it take weeks, months, or years?
  • What time-frame is acceptable?

If you’ve already adopted a solution, system, or product, it should be relatively easy to see the benefits. (Hint: don’t forget both “hard” and “soft” ROI measures!)

Forecasting ROI and making a proactive effort to assess a technology partner/solution should be in the cards for all law enforcement agencies.


Remember: if your partners are a strong fit for your organization, they need to collaborate with you to assess the ROI benefits they will deliver to you. Read ‘A Little Help From our Friends‘ for more information. If you’re curious about your current technology solution’s ROI or how technology solutions can provide ROI to you, get in touch with one of our tech experts!

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