We have many visitors to our web store on a daily basis from a myriad of backgrounds: large and small companies, single person contractors and consultants, private individuals, non-profit groups, and government and public sector organizations. Most of these customers complete their purchase online using a credit card. But regularly we are asked if we accept purchase orders. Perhaps the customer does not have or is not allowed to use a company issued credit card.
The short answer is yes, we accept purchase orders. You can fax (585-383-0701) or email Ltron Direct Screenshot(sales@L-Tron.com) your order to us. Make sure your order contains the following:
–        Your name, phone # and email address
–        The part # and description of the items you are buying
–        The quantity of each item
–        The address where we can ship your order (no PO boxes, please)
–        The address where we can send the invoice
–        Net 30 terms (more on this below)
–        FOB origin (more on this below)
We also need the contact information for the person responsible for paying for this order. At a minimum, this should be the department name and phone number. More preferable is a person’s name, phone number and email address.
All orders are dependent on credit approval. Yes, we run a credit check. If there have been some unfortunate circumstances in your history and you are not approved for terms, you can still purchase using a credit card.
At L-Tron, we would be honored to call you customer, partner, friend. Contact us if you prefer to use a purchase order instead of a credit card. We are willing to work with you the way you want to do business. Your success is our passion.