We have many visitors to our web store on a daily basis from a myriad of backgrounds: large and small companies, single person contractors and consultants, private individuals, non-profit groups, and government and public sector organizations. Most of these customers complete their purchase online using a credit card. But regularly we are asked if we accept purchase orders. Perhaps the customer does not have or is not allowed to use a company issued credit card.
The short answer is yes, we accept purchase orders. You can fax (585-383-0701) or email Ltron Direct Screenshot(sales@L-Tron.com) your order to us. Make sure your order contains the following:
–        Your name, phone # and email address
–        The part # and description of the items you are buying
–        The quantity of each item
–        The address where we can ship your order (no PO boxes, please)
–        The address where we can send the invoice
–        Net 30 terms (more on this below)
–        FOB origin (more on this below)
We also need the contact information for the person responsible for paying for this order. At a minimum, this should be the department name and phone number. More preferable is a person’s name, phone number and email address.
All orders are dependent on credit approval. Yes, we run a credit check. If there have been some unfortunate circumstances in your history and you are not approved for terms, you can still purchase using a credit card.
At L-Tron, we would be honored to call you customer, partner, friend. Contact us if you prefer to use a purchase order instead of a credit card. We are willing to work with you the way you want to do business. Your success is our passion.

Charlie Waldman

Charlie has a broad background in industrial solutions and systems within the government and manufacturing sectors. His experience in software development, control systems and project management along with his background in engineering, sales and training has given him a solid understanding of customers needs’ and has established a loyal following. Charlie can be reached at 800.830.9523 x111; charlie.waldman@L-Tron.com
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