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Key AIDC Terms

[Infographic] Do you know what these key AIDC terms really mean?

This resource provides an appealing visual reference about common terminology used within the data capture world. Discover the definitions of these industry AIDC terms. You’ll understand the subtle differences between similar terms and be well-equipped to make informed purchasing decisions within your organization.


Traceability One-Pager

A system used to track an item through each and every step of the production process, usually with data encoded in a barcode, but sometimes in an RFID tag. Keep reading if you’re in…  Healthcare Food/Beverage Production Field Service Manufacturing Law Enforcement Warehousing Retail Distribution Medical Device *Countless other industries are also using traceability solutions …

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MC40 Touch Computer Features & Benefits

MC40 Touch Computer Features & Benefits [Infographic]

Click the image below for more information on the MC40 Mobile Computer. *Zebra Technologies acquired Motorola Enterprise Solutions, Inc at the end of 2014. Formerly Motorola Enterprise branded products are now part of the Zebra Technologies family and are currently undergoing rebranding.

Infographic: The Benefits of a Package Tracking Solution

Learn the power and benefits of implementing a Package Tracking Solution. Benefits include: Freeing up worker time Reducing manual errors Delivery confirmation, no more lost packages! Increased Customer Satisfaction   Questions? Fill out the form below to contact us.