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[Data Sheet] Advantech Point-of-Care Terminal POC-824

This data sheet shares product specifications for Advantech’s Point-of-Care Terminal POC-824. Discover more about the features and performance of this all-in-one computer built for healthcare and clinical environments.  What is Advantech’s Point-of-Care Terminal POC-824?  The Advantech POC-824 integrates the components of a desktop computer (i.e. processor, graphics, memory, storage) with its monitor and speakers to …

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Advantech POC-615 data sheet thumbnail image

[Data Sheet] Advantech POC-615

This data sheet provides background information and product specifications for Advantech’s POC-615 (Point-of-Care Terminal) with 11th Generation Intel® Processor. Discover more about this 15-inch medical computer.

your guide to configuring an industrial pc

[eGuide]: How to Configure Your Industrial PC – Starting from Square One

Starting from Square One: Configuring your Industrial PC The ultimate guide on how to configure your industrial PC and find the right Advantech IPC for your application. CLICK: I WANT THIS GUIDE topics Covered In the “How to Configure Your Industrial PC” guide, you will learn: The difference between industrial-grade PCs and consumer-grade PCs. What …

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types of advantech industrial computers

[Video] Types of Advantech Industrial Computers

[Video] Types of Advantech Industrial Computers This video provides a brief overview into the world of industrial computers for engineers, managers, and supervisors of industrial operations. Discover the different types of industrial computers and various mounting options available, prior to making a purchase.   Industrial vs. Consumer-Grade PCs The question of whether to purchase an industrial …

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tc8000 mobile computer infographic

[Infographic] Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer

This infographic provides a visual reference of the capabilities and specifications of Zebra’s TC8000 Mobile Computer. If warehouse or factory optimization is a priority for you, this is a must-view!

Key AIDC Terms

[Infographic] Do you know what these key AIDC terms really mean?

This resource provides an appealing visual reference about common terminology used within the data capture world. Discover the definitions of these industry AIDC terms. You’ll understand the subtle differences between similar terms and be well-equipped to make informed purchasing decisions within your organization.