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[Data Sheet] Advantech POC-615

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Advantech POC-615 Datasheet

This data sheet provides background information and product specifications for Advantech’s POC-615 (Point-of-Care Terminal) with 11th Generation Intel® Processor.

Download the datasheet to discover more about the features and performance you can expect with this 15-inch medical computer.

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An all-in-one computer for the operating room and beyond

The Advantech POC-615 is built with healthcare in mind, and is ideal for installation in the confined spaces of an OR (operating room) for applications such as anesthesia machines, endoscopes, imaging systems, patient monitors, and more. The touchscreen is compatible with gloved hands, and the overall features of this Point-of-Care terminal improve connectivity, operational efficiency, and patient safety within operating rooms, pathology labs, and in a wide range of additional healthcare settings.

What is included in the data sheet:

The Advantech POC-615 terminal is equipped with multiple I/O, expansion slots, numerous add-on options, and the 11th generation Intel processor is ideal for numerous clinical environments.

Find out more about the POC-615 in the data sheet, including:

  • Device specifications
  • Labeled device dimensions
  • Layout of the front function keys
  • A graphic with labeled I/O ports
  • CTOS (Configuration to Order Service)
  • Component offerings and accessories
  • Recommended mounting solution
  • Unified Remote Device Management Software

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