I wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight the L-Tron Operations team.  The team has continually demonstrated outstanding efforts in supporting the company’s core beliefs when servicing our customers.
Having been in sales and marketing for the majority of my career, I am well aware of the importance of creating a environment within a company that places customer service best practices as a top priority.  While our entire L-Tron team of employees follows the company customer service practices, it is with particular care in the case of our Operations team members.  The team is led by Gayle DeRose, COO, while Sally Schneider, Kendra Haney and Cathy Knights are all instrumental in L-Tron’s achievement of best-in-class customer service, as well.
The L-Tron creed, which has remained almost unchanged over the 35 years L-Tron has been in business, was recently unveiled at the L-Tron Open House.  Again, this to me is a testament to our customers and our company!   I am proud to share the following company values:

  • Your success is our passion
  • We collaborate to discover your challenges, define & deliver a solution
  • Our success is measured by your satisfaction

L-Tron values guide our behaviors and determine how we are perceived as a company.  Living and breathing these values is critical to our success.
In the coming months, you will begin to see more details as to how L-Tron is improving processes to positively impact our customers’ experiences.  Our hope is that our tips and best practices allow our clients greater insight into how we approach our business practices.  We look forward to hearing from you, our customers, on a regular basis and are looking to have this blog be yet another venue for communication!
Meet the Operations Team:
RAD_3633-1 (2)
From L-R: Gayle DeRose, Cathy Knights, Sally Schneider, Kendra Haney
Congratulations team on a job well done – enjoy your success during the annual “Customer Service Week!”  If you would like to comment or contact L-Tron, please email me at lynn.johnson@L-Tron.com