National Police Week

In case you missed our early posts, this week is National Police Week and we are recognizing the Police Officers of our community for their service and protection.

All week we have been sharing some personal stories from our team members about the ways in which members of the Law Enforcement have had a positive impact on our lives. We will wrap up these stories tomorrow, so be sure to stop back! Click to read:

Part I

Part II

Part III


At the Accident Scene

“Last year, I was in my first car accident and thankfully, I was uninjured. The first one to the scene was an EMT. He checked to make sure everyone involved was unharmed. Then Officer James and his partner arrived. Both Officers were so calming to me and all involved. They took the time to speak to me and the other driver before taking statements and assessing the scene. The Officers stayed with us until the tow truck arrived some time later. Officer James even offered me a ride to the collision shop since I did not have another way to get there. I owe a huge thank you to the EMT and both Officers who all went the extra mile to be friendly, kind, and comforting during my scary time.”


Less-Than-Typical Emergencies

“As a former special education teacher, my days were never exactly typical. One day, a student in my classroom was experiencing a severe behavioral meltdown, to the point of removing the other children and adults from their room for the safety of everyone involved. As my heart pounded wildly, the assistant principal and I remained in the room, trying to restore a sense of calm to this child. When the Police arrived at my school, their professionalism and expertise astounded me. They were so gentle and caring toward my student and were able to safely and efficiently remove him from the school building to get the medical attention he required, even in the midst of his turmoil. It truly takes a village when it comes to the children in our communities!”