It’s National Police Week and communities all over the country are in the midst of recognizing Police Officers for their service and protection! I wish there was more we could say or do to honor the incredible service that these men and women provide to us…but sometimes a simple “thank you” truly does go a long way.

This week, we will be posting a couple stories each day to publicly show our appreciation to the Officers of our community that have made an impact on our lives.


Calming and Attentive

“My husband and I had only been married five years and he was gone for the night, working the night shift. As I slept, I was suddenly awakened by one of my sons, almost 3 years old at the time, making horrible sounds. As my two younger children continued sleeping quietly in their cribs, I sprinted to his room; turned on the light and saw him turning blue and struggling to breathe. As I panicked, I dialed 911 and the local Police Officers quickly arrived. The Officers that showed up that night had such a calming presence. It meant so much to me and my family, I will never forget it. While I tended to my child, one Officer even went to ask a neighbor to stay with my sleeping children while I rode with my son in the ambulance. They also called my husband and waited with me until the ambulance and my neighbor arrived.”


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

“When I was a senior in high school, I was involved in a car accident on my way to work. It was a frigid January day and my vehicle hit black ice, going off the road into some nearby boulders. I was shell-shocked, bleeding, and having trouble breathing from the force of the air bag. I could barely move from pain (as it turned out, I had fractured two vertebrae). The local Police and volunteer firefighters were on scene so quickly – and had such a comforting presence. They were so kind and calming. One young firefighter – who was volunteering on his day off from the Police Department – even rode with me in the ambulance to the hospital, holding my hand and keeping me calm. I will NEVER forget this selfless public servant who helped me in one of my greatest times of need. THANK YOU!”