National Police Week

Here at L-Tron, along with communities nationwide, we are celebrating National Police Week to honor and show gratitude for members of our Law Enforcement community for their service and protection.

Yesterday, we began to share personal stories about how local Police Officers have been there for us during our times of need, you can read the first group of stories here.

We will continue sharing these stories throughout the week, so be sure to check back for more!


Strength and Reassurance

“My experience with local Law Enforcement was subtle, but extremely powerful. Some of my relatives had been killed by a drunk driver and there I was, in court, listening to the testimonies of how the tragic events had unfolded. With dismay, we listened as the defense lawyers grilled the first Officer that had arrived to the accident scene. Of course, the defense attorney was trying to cast some doubt around the facts of the accident, but the Officer remained cool, calm and collected. He didn’t even flinch as the questions were being fired. The Officer had brushed up on his facts, even though a year had passed since the tragedy. After his testimony, the Officer left the stand and walked right by my family, pausing to give us a wink. Although we never had the opportunity to speak with him, we are forever grateful for the time he took in preparing his testimony – and for that simple gesture of a wink that helped calm our nerves.”

Life Saving Skills…Even on the Golf Course!

“Quite a few years ago, my husband and a some of his coworkers were golfing on a well-deserved day off from one of the local Police Departments. Unfortunately, one of the men in the foursome in front of them was badly stung by mud wasps. Not only did he suffer from anaphylactic shock, he want into cardiac arrest, as well.  Thanks to my husband’s instinctive training and fast thinking on the fairway, he was able to provide initial medical treatment and save the man’s life. His family later expressed their gratitude for being “on-duty”, even on his day off.  A Law Enforcement Officer is on the job 24/7-365!”