National Police Week

This past, we have been recognizing National Police Week to honor Police Officers for their service and dedication!

We hope you have been following along as we’ve shared some personal stories from our team members about the ways in which members of the Law Enforcement have had a positive impact on our lives. Thus far, our stories have been serious – truly emergency situations – so I thought it would be appropriate to end the week with two more lighthearted stories that have a glimmer of humor. Enjoy!


During Emergencies…and Otherwise!

“When I used to work in a school district, I was asked to stop by a local pharmacy and pick up an order of epi-pens for the school nurses. I also had some grocery items to pick up, so I stopped at the supermarket next. At the checkout counter, I realized that I had my car keys, but not my purse or my wallet. I immediately went into panic mode and called my husband while he was at work to inform him to cancel our credit card. Then I called my office to talk with the retired Police Officer who was currently the school security director. He immediately drove over to meet with me and the store officials. I told them there had been a commotion in line in front of me, so they looked at the video tapes to see what went on while I was in line.

Three women in front of me had caused a great deal of confusion about the items they were purchasing. The retired Officer thought they might be gypsies who pull this type of scenario. The local police soon arrived to further investigated the incident. When I went out to my car, there was my purse…right where I had left it in the back seat! I had absentmindedly put it there to make room for the large box of epi-pens I had picked up. As embarrassed as I was, we all shared a good laugh – and later I sent a well-deserved note expressing my appreciation to the local Police and the retired Officer for their combined assistance.”


Toddler 911

“I am so grateful that the only story I have to share is from a couple years ago. Our two year old grandson was over visiting for the day and playing with our telephone. As luck would have it, he dialed 911 by accident. We were shocked when two friendly Police Officers pulled up to our house and knocked on the door. They asked to see our grandson and made sure that everyone was OK before leaving. Not once did they seem annoyed or frustrated at this “false alarm.” I really appreciated their proactive service and protection provided to our family.”


Although this post brings our story posts to an end, our gratitude and appreciation will never end!

Thank you, Officers!