OSCR team returns from Massachusetts

Press Release: The OSCR360 Team Returns from Massachusetts after Boston Training & more Demos

Where has the OSCR360 team been traveling these past few weeks? They recently returned from two trips back to Massachusetts, which included another round of successful demos and training with the Boston Police Department.

The OSCR360 team kicked-off their latest Massachusetts trip with a visit to the city of Chelsea. Strolling along the Harborwalk of the Mystic River, OSCR and Alex admired the views and towering ships that now serve as floating museums. The city’s Fire Prevention Division was excited to learn that OSCR360 could be used for building inspections and documentation.

OSCR returns from Massachusetts

The next stop was to “a city of Pride, Progress, and Possibilities” – Everett, MA. Located along the Boston Harbor, Everett is a progressive city with a focus on community and innovation. OSCR360 dropped in to visit the Everett Fire Department, which consists of 103 firefighters who are dedicated to fire prevention and safety. Their OSCR demo was focused on code enforcement and pre-planning to protect the 42,567 people of Everett.

Up next was a visit to the town of Billerica. The team drove by historic dairy farms and beautiful state parks on their way to the Billerica Fire Department. The station is dedicated to the protection of lives and prevention of damage, which is where OSCR360 comes in. The solution can be used for emergency pre-planning and incident preparedness.

The final stop was to Fitchburg, MA. From industrial plants to old paper mills, Fitchburg has an incredible history and remarkable architecture. This city boasts a rich heritage that is community-focused and forward-thinking. The OSCR360 team made their way down to the Fitchburg Fire Department for one final demonstration. The team discussed how OSCR360 can be useful for fire service, emergency management, and arson investigations.

On their latest trip to Massachusetts, the team had the opportunity to train multiple members of the Boston Police Department on the OSCR360 system. Look for Andy’s blog on the details of the training, coming soon!

Interested in learning more about OSCR360 or where the team is headed next?