The L-Tron team has returned from another successful Pennsylvania Traffic Collision and Reconstruction Conference (PCARS) in Erie, PA. The PCARS Seminar featured three live staged crashes, as well as presentations, exhibits, and networking opportunities for conference participants. L-Tron team members, Andrew McNeill, Julianne Pangal, and Isabella Susino demoed the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader and OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction, both of which are designed to help officers better serve and protect their communities.  

At this year’s seminar, experienced crash investigators were invited to explore new ideas and technology in the field of crash reconstruction. Highlights include three live staged vehicle crashes, a brake demonstration, and two manual airbag deployments. Attendees were able to see how various crash investigation tools, including OSCR360, could assist with their scene reconstruction – and were able to practice using these tools on the staged crashes.  

Many visitors to L-Tron’s booth were current customers, while others recognized the equipment and wanted to learn more. The 4910LR received attention for its ability to positively impact one OH agency, while OSCR impressed several agencies with its speed, ease of use, ability to capture the driver’s perspective at a crash site, and small footprint.

The 4910LR is designed to help alleviate some of the risk that patrol officers face each time they make a roadside stop by completing fast, accurate eCitations. OSCR360 allows users to correlate all of their scene evidence and create a complete walkthrough of their case.

L-Tron has sponsored the Pennsylvania traffic collision and reconstruction event twice in prior years (when it was held by the Pennsylvania State Police), and regularly sponsors other training events and conferences around the country. We are proud to provide exceptional customer service and support to our law enforcement clients at any time, day or night.

Pennsylvania Traffic Collision and Reconstruction Conference - crash 1
PA State Police Traffic Collision and Recon seminar - crash 2
PSP conference 2022 - crash 3

Additional Information 

The Pennsylvania Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Society (PCARS) is a non-profit organization with a mission to help serve and support Pennsylvania Law Enforcement. The organization regularly provides resources and trainings for crash reconstructionists. This year’s PCARS conference was open to law enforcement officers from across the country.

About L-Tron

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies to provide technology solutions built from your voice. As a proud New York State business, we are honored to “Back the Blue” in our own state, as well as in all 50 states nationwide, through various educational events, non-profit sponsorships and more. “Your Success is our Purpose.” 


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