The L-Tron team will attend the National Conference on Active School Threats from November 29th to December 1st, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. Julianne Pangal and John Dobies will represent L-Tron at the conference, introducing OSCR360 for emergency preparedness to attendees. 

The conference will take place at the Hilton Phoenix Resort and is geared toward law enforcement, first responders, campus security officers, administrators from schools and universities, emergency management experts, and mental health professionals. According to the conference website, the goal of the event is to enable stakeholders to “develop effective action plans that are unique to their own communities…to make campuses better prepared for any crisis.”  

L-Tron’s OSCR360 is an emergency preparedness tool that comprehensively captures and stores detailed 360-degree images of school campuses, inside and out. Within each image, OSCR’s software organizes critical data, such as entryways, exits and emergency equipment, and clearly presents each visual detail in a walkthrough-style presentation. OSCR presentations are used by first responders and school staff during the creation of emergency response plans, throughout virtual training sessions, and during an active incident response. Some municipalities even have their virtual walkthroughs available in their patrol vehicles for on-demand access. Ultimately, an OSCR360 virtual walkthrough empowers officers with the tactical advantage and facilitates efficient and effective emergency responses. During high stress situations, this can be the difference maker and limit lives put at risk. 

“In today’s day in age, active shooter scenarios are all too real. Our team is attending the National Conference on Active School Threats to collaborate with law enforcement and community stakeholders as, together, we problem-solve and help better prepare our communities for a threat. Our goal is to help first responders keep students, teachers, and faculty safer on a daily basis.”

Julianne Pangal, Customer Engagement at L-Tron

In addition to OSCR360’s emergency preparedness features, OSCR360 is used by agencies nationwide to investigate and prosecute major and minor crimes, crashes, fire and environmental-related crimes.

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