The price of L-Tron’s 4910LR Driver’s License Reader has increased. While the price increase has already gone into effect, customers can call to lock-in lower pricing through the first week in November. Orders must close by the end of the month. This is your agency’s last chance to register a deal to maintain your current pricing for projects closing this month.

The 4910LR Driver’s License Reader for electronic ticketing assists law enforcement agencies in completing roadside stops safely, quickly, and accurately, as well as in eliminating administrative errors and ticket dismissals. Thousands of municipalities across the country rely on the 4910LR to better serve and protect their communities with electronic ticketing.  Get off the side of the road and back on patrol faster.

L-Tron has partnered with law enforcement agencies for over two decades, providing equipment, technology, and support to help officers perform their duties and keep them safe on the job. We are proud to support law enforcement conferences, training events, and causes, as well as to provide officers with exceptional customer service and support.

Please reach out directly to the L-Tron team with any questions related to the price increase for the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader, your current orders or if you have any questions about your current patrol vehicle equipment and technology.

Evolution of the 4910LR Whitepaper

About L-Tron Corporation 

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies to provide technology hardware and software solutions built directly from your voice. We are a proud New York State business and we are honored to “Back the Blue” through a variety of educational events, non-profit sponsorships, and more. ”Your Success is our Purpose.”


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