The L-Tron team has returned from this year’s Florida IAI Investigations Conference. The FDIAI (Florida International Association for Identification) Conference took place October 9-14 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, in Orlando. The event drew a large crowd of investigators, detectives, college-level instructors and law enforcement professionals. L-Tron’s John Dobies and Julianne Pangal demoed the OSCR360 system with participants, and Dobies presented one of his former hunting-related shooting cases to over two dozen investigators and detectives in a packed classroom.  

Dobies, a 30-year law enforcement veteran and experienced investigator, presented his “HRSI: Hunting-Related Shooting Incident Property Damage Case” on Wednesday, October 12th. As the majority of session attendees were unfamiliar with hunting-related shooting incidents, Dobies shared a wealth of information and fielded numerous questions about hunting practices, laws, and the intricacies of a successful HRSI investigation and prosecution.

HRSI case in oscr360

L-Tron’s booth was busy throughout the duration of the conference, as Dobies and Pangal chatted with both new faces and several agencies that already use – and appreciate – OSCR360. Florida’s Orange County and Broward County Sheriff’s Offices, South Carolina’s Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, and Baltimore Police Department were a few of the agencies that stopped by the booth to provide positive feedback on their OSCR360 systems. One agency elaborated that it’s using OSCR for both school documentation/emergency preparedness, as well as for crime scene investigations. In fact, one agency has completely replaced their video walkthrough process with faster, easier, and clearer OSCR360 documentation of the scene.

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From hunting-related and environmental crimes to homicides, arsons, motor vehicle crashes and more, OSCR360 quickly and efficiently documents crime scenes. Then, each piece of digital evidence, GPS data, and key points of interest can be incorporated into an agency’s OSCR project. The OSCR presentation later serves as a virtual walkthrough of the crime scene. Across the country, agencies are using OSCR36 technology to show the facts of the case and serve justice.

L-Tron has supported numerous international and regional IAI conferences over the past years, in addition to other public safety conferences and training events. The company has partnered with law enforcement agencies nationwide for over two decades, providing cutting-edge technology like the patented OSCR360 system and the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader.  

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The IAI (International Association for Identification) is recognized worldwide for the advancement of forensics through education. Each year, Florida hosts the largest division conference. More information on this year’s FDIAI Conference can be found at


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