Having been in sales for over 25 years, I have seen it all!  One thing I have seen too much of is fast-talking sales associates pitching products and services without putting the customer first.  At L-Tron Corporation, we approach our sales methodology with our core competencies and values in mind: mutual respect and customer satisfaction.
For the last 3 decades, our entire company has looked at how we might assist our customers to meet their company goals and solve their internal technology problems.  Our approach is one of mutual respect and collaboration.  Rather than being just a source for products and information, our goal is to become a go-to advisor and partner to our clients.  Once we engage with our customers, our main objective is to better understand where their pain points are and how that is impacting their business.
With the increased availability and wide-use of the internet, customers are more in-tune and educated about their problems now than ever before.  Unfortunately, the advancement of the technology has also increased the complexity of problems and, as a result, the difficulty of crafting the right solution.  Increasingly complex problems have had the effect of increasing the time spent in the buying process.  Even so, we understand how important it is in the busy business world to simplify the buying process and ensure the right solution is efficiently deployed to meet the needs of our customers, and that’s exactly what we do at L-Tron.
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L-Tron’s Approach:

  • Listen to customers and ask questions to truly understand each customer’s needs.
  • Consult with expert knowledge in the tools and techniques to solve process problems.
  • Advise and facilitate with each customer to achieve organizational improvement.
  • Analyze current processes with the ability to break them down and develop a go-forward-plan.
  • Establish a true partnership with each and every customer and stay with customers throughout the entire project and beyond.
  • Advise customers and stay in close contact to ensure they are aware of new trends in technology that may benefit them.

We also bring years of experience in our field as we stay with our customers through the entire process including continued support after the deployment.
I, personally, am very proud of our company values and approach with our customers because they match my own personal beliefs.  I have also heard from many of our customers that L-Tron’s approach is how they want company’s to engage with them, and that they appreciate the trusted relationship they have with us.
If you are interested in hearing more about our approach, or are looking for any additional information about L-Tron, please reach out.  You can contact us at 800-830-9523.  Feel free to e-mail me directly to find out more about what L-Tron has to offer!  Or, for any of our current clients, we would love to hear your feedback on this approach and how we are doing!