During my time in Industrial Computing, I have found that Industrial PCs are the most suitable solution for a number of projects involving rugged environments, including testing Print Circuit Boards (PCB) and Print Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA).
Industrial PCs have an abundance of filtered cooling fans.  These fans provide optimized and streamlined airflow and allow Industrial PCs to withstand the extreme heat and airborne particles found in most manufacturing areas.  With a hold-down clamp and shock mounted drive brackets, Industrial PCs can also withstand the shock, vibration and dust found in harsh environments.
Industrial PCs
Industrial PCs are designed for high-efficiency, mission-critical applications and can run 24/7/365, which is critical in high-volume production where a bed of nails tester, a fixture, or a rigid needle adapter is used to facilitate testing.  Industrial PCs are also vital during the PCBA test phase after the board has been populated. They provide the user with the ability to administer both an in-circuit test, where physical measurements can be done, and a functional test, which checks to see whether the PCB does what it was designed to do.
Industrial PCs are available in multiple forms and in customized configurations.  If you have any projects that require an Industrial PC that adheres to certain project specifications, please call L-Tron Corporation at 800-830-9523 and we will be more than happy to assist you!