In my previous blog, I presented three options from Havis for mounting the PocketJet® Printer in a patrol car.PocketJet Printer Two of these mounts, C-PM-101 and C-PM-109 hold both the PocketJet Printer and a roll of paper. For this reason alone, they comprise over 99% of the printer mounts sold. Choosing a printer mount is a two-step process. First, you must decide which box you want to hold the printer and the paper (see my previous blog). The second step is determining how to mount the printer box in your patrol car. This second step is determined mainly by what equipment is currently mounted in your patrol car.
The most popular style of printer mount is one used as an armrest installed between the front seats. Havis produces three types of armrest printer mounts. All three types allow pivoting the printer box 90 degrees toward the passenger seat. They also allow adjusting the height of the armrest to improve comfort and flipping the printer box up to be 90 degrees in the vertical position so it is out of the way.
Most patrol cars have a console between the front seats that holds the radios, signal controls (lights, siren, etc.), and possible storage compartments. Most consoles are 9 inches wide, vary in length, and are usually positioned forward in the car so they touch or are right next to the dash. Consoles come in various lengths from very short (8 to 10 inches) to long (over 20 inches). Depending on which type of console you have, here are your options:

  • For long consoles that extend to the back of the seat or beyond, the recommended printer mount includes a U-shaped bracket that straddles the console. The two Havis parts with this type of mount are C-ARPB-101 and C-ARPB-114. Remember from my previous blog that there are two types of boxes that hold the PocketJet Printer and paper.C-ARPB-101C-ARPB-114


  • For shorter consoles that do not extend too far toward the back of the car, the recommended printer mount includes a vertical pole welded to a horizontal plate. You can bolt this plate to any horizontal surface including a tunnel plate or the floor of the car. These are referred to as pedestal mounts. The two Havis parts with this type of mount are C-ARPB-102 and C-ARPB-115.C-ARPB-115


  • If neither of the above mounts works for your patrol car, a third option is what is called a console mount that bolts to the vertical passenger side of the console. The two Havis parts with this type of mount are C-ARPB-103 and C-ARPB-116.C-ARPB-116


  • If an armrest printer mount will not fit in your patrol, another option is to mount printer box C-PM-101 to a bracket similar to C-SM-SA. You can then mount other equipment to the top of the printer box using adapter C-ADP-109.


  • If you have a Ford Interceptor Utility, you have yet another option for mounting the PocketJet Printer. Printer box C-PM-109 fits in the glove box when it is closed. Although this is a safe way to mount the PocketJet Printer, some people find reaching to retrieve the paper awkward.

As I previously mentioned, Havis offers two boxes to hold the PocketJet Printer and a roll of paper and three different mounts to install these boxes in your patrol car. There are also other places and ways to mount these boxes. If, after reading these blogs you are not sure what the best way is to mount the PocketJet Printer in your patrol car, call us and we’ll discuss it with you. It is often helpful if we have a picture of what is currently installed. We look forward to hearing from you.