Forensic Photo Resources & Quicklinks

This web page is built for NYSTARS training participants & L-Tron’s Forensic Photography Refresher Course.

These forensic photo resources include: cheat sheets and helpful hints and OSCR360 quick links to videos, whitepapers, blogs and more.

OSCR 360
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Forensic Photo Resources

Forensic Photography Training Course Resources and quick links.

Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Source: Anne Arundel County Police Department

Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Scientific Services Bureau

Additional Resources - OSCR360

The OSCR360 solution captures, contains, relates, organizes and preserves digital evidence. Gain depth, perspective, and provide a greater understanding of your case through an on-screen walkthrough of the evidence. The solution is made up of a capture kit and desktop software.


OSCR360 Spherical Imaging for Crime and Crash Scenes.

OSCR360 Fact Sheet Thumbnail

Fact Sheet

Printer friendly- overview of OSCR360.

Crash Reconstruction Video Image


Key Components to a Comprehensive Crash

oscr360 for crash reconstruction


OSCR360 for Crash Recon

OSCR360 Desktop Software for Crime and Crash Example

[Evidence Tech Magazine]

OSCR360 was feautured in Evidenec Tech Magazine, Spring 2018

Police Photography - Camera Modes


26 Need-to-know Crime Scene Photography Terms

What Others are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what some of our customers have to say about OSCR360.

“This is a no-brainer. I can [virtually] walk through a crime scene with someone. I can take that into the courtroom and walk a jury through the scene. This is just so quick. The innovative side of it is a breath of fresh air. This takes care of some of your photography, overalls of the scene, and videography. Initially we were going to use it just on major cases, but when we saw the ease and the flow of the work and how it could be utilized, it opened the door so there was no reason not to use it for most anything...”
Pete Butler
Deputy (Ret.)
“[OSCR]360 was used in the prosecution of Jonathan Ortiz for Murder in the Second Degree. It was used during the testimony of a main witness in the case [in the courtroom.] We were able to have the witness walk through the crime scene with the use of he 360. The jury was able to see the witness’s vantage point of the events that occurred. The witness was able to articulate where all of the parties involved in the crime were located through the use of the 360. We were pleased with the results since it helped us explain the crime scene to the jury.”
Julie M. Hahn, Esq.
Assistant District Attorney; Chief, Major Felony Bureau Monroe County, NY
“OSCR360 is a gift to crash reconstruction. It typically takes an average of 45 minutes to take still photos of a crash scene. With OSCR360, I was able to capture everything I needed in 30 seconds. This equipment easily allows us to document a collision in a clear and concise manner & shows a true and accurate depiction of the crash and the environment.”
Charles Grasso
Sergeant (Ret.)

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