Are you one of those people who are distracted very easily by bright, shiny things? If I am walking around outside and see something that seems to be shouting, “HEY! YOU! LOOK AT ME!” chances are I’m going to stop and stare for at least ten seconds…and it is because of people like you and I that digital signage is so successful.
The Digital Signage game has been around for years now, but there’s a lot more to this than bright, shiny advertisements. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – confirming what many have suspected since the dawn of sales – has found that the longer someone ‘dwells,’ the more likely they are to purchase something.
But what is dwelling? And what is purchasing? At the risk of sounding too much like Bill Clinton, there’s much more to getting someone to ‘dwell’ than simply offering an advertisement for something to purchase. Every time you see a car on the road it’s a rolling advertisement for that badge. Every time you see somebody talking on an iPhone it’s a walking advertisement for Apple. Every time you see an ATM it’s an advertisement for that bank.
Wait, ATM machine? What does that have to do with digital signage? Well, everything. In this day and age, not only can you make things bright and shiny, you can also make them interactive. So what are some of the uses of digital signage that you may not have thought about?


Obtaining a fishing or hunting license is usually a taxing process at best. Active Outdoors decided to jazz the process up by implementing interactive digital signage in a Point-of-Sale application to take the middle man and guess work out of getting a permit. They immediately saw a return on investment by making their process well-known, popular, and getting customers to flock to the modern way of interaction.


Have you been to Vegas lately? Interactive Digital Signage is all over the place in hotels such as the MGM Grand, which uses digital signage to handle tens of thousands of transactions in their bars, restaurants, and showrooms. This high turnover industry was able to further streamline their business with touchscreens, which improved training and automation.


Le groupe ASF in France brought interactive digital signage into play in 2004 outside of Paris. Their customized touch screen solution took into account the bright sun of a Paris afternoon, and the gloomy romance of a Parisian night. The touch screens are used to expedite toll roads, and sees over 6000 vehicles a day in usage.
From these three examples, we see outside-the-box thinking that immediately led to results. Active Outdoors found a way to get people to want to choose them over others, MGM Grand found a way to save costs and time, and le groupe ASF expedited a high turnover business.
In the modern age there are a thousand and one solutions to problems you’re not even sure you have. Why don’t you ask for a push towards the modern today?