During recent client visits, I have noticed that customers really appreciate our transparency and dedication to customer service.  Hearing clients speak about their positive past experiences with L-Tron as well as their desire to continue our close relationships is extremely satisfying.

It got me thinking about the importance of “transparency” in all aspects of our company’s core values and quality workflow processes.  We hear it from our public officials every day: the importance of allowing public awareness of all aspects of government at every level. 

At L-Tron, our goal is to keep each customer’s experience the best it can be.  This begins with understanding the customer’s issues, working through a solution, and keeping the customer informed about and involved with our process every day.

Recent customer feedback provides a better understanding of how seriously we uphold our values.  One customer recently explained that Kendra Haney, an L-Tron employee,  “is dynamite to work with.  She’s spectacular and never misses a beat.”  He also mentioned a time where Kendra ensured that a shipment got to him by driving it to a UPS location after work.  He said he “really appreciated” it, and that “the customer service was and is still what separates L-Tron from everyone else.”

Similarly, a second situation required another L-Tron employee, Sally Schneider, to go the extra mile; Sally did so without a moment’s hesitation.  One of our customers required an overnight prototype part to be shipped to China for evaluation.  Unfortunately, the vendor had not provided a zip code, and L-Tron had to work within the time constraints imposed by UPS International.  We shipped the product according to the zip code provided by UPS International, but it turned out to be an incorrect zip code.  The vendor contacted us with the correct zip code, but only after UPS had already picked up the package, with the incorrect shipping information, from L-Tron.
Sally knew we had to solve the problem somehow.  She worked with UPS to solve the issue and secured their agreement to come back to L-Tron to pick up new paperwork with the correct shipping information.  Throughout the situation, Sally kept both our customer and vendor informed of the situation, and also made sure the entire L-Tron team was aware of the problem and her progress towards solving it.  The fact that the problem arose after the close of local business hours did not stop Sally.  This is just one example of Sally’s dedication to our customers.

In today’s world, so much of customer service has shifted to overseas call centers where customers are viewed as a number.  L-Tron’s core values dictate the direct opposite approach, as demonstrated by our dedication to our customers.  L-Tron is very clear on our goals and will continue to maintain transparency and work closely with all of our customers to solve their problems.