The reason I come to work each day is because I enjoy providing users with a sound industrial computing platform that offers product support rivaled by no other manufacturer.  During my time working in sales, I have realized that there simply is no viable substitute for quality, and product support is a fundamental aspect of a quality product.
Let’s consider Industrial PCs.  The fact remains that it’s cheaper to put a third-party mother board in a PC and call it an Industrial PC because most of the parts and peripherals are.  However, one of the problems with this is that the boards utilized go EOL after six months or so, and the user is left with random configurations on their line.  In addition, since the board is no longer manufactured, how much support do you think you can expect?  I have also experienced phone calls from users standing on the manufacturing floor with a line down because the Industrial PC they purchased wasn’t quality manufactured and assembled with the ability to run 24/7/365.  I find that to be the biggest issue among some of the Industrial PCs being offered on the market.
When it comes to Industrial PCs, I stand behind Advantech and its product line.  These problems generally don’t arise with Advantech products.  More importantly, when problems do arise, Advantech offers superior product support to uncover and solve the problem.Industrial PC
The product I am able to provide users with is not a “cheap” option, but it is cost-effective considering what it can accomplish.  Most product configured in the Industrial PCs provided have support for up to five years and allow for multiple configuration options.  Overall, this enables the user to implement a gold standard PC, which can be utilized across their lines with uniformity.  There are also single board computer/passive backplane configurations available that allow for I/O expansion.
Don’t sacrifice quality for price.  Please feel free to leave comments, or contact L-Tron Corporation for more information.