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L-Tron is honored to be exhibiting and speaking at the upcoming CBD IAI Conference in Richmond, VA.


L-Tron Corporation will be exhibiting and speaking at the upcoming Chesapeake Bay Division of the International Association for Identification Spring 2019 Conference (CBD IAI Conference). The Conference will take place in Richmond, VA from April 3-5, 2019. L-Tron’s Director of Forensic Education, Andrew McNeill, will be presenting a case study, “The Use of Spherical Photography in a Greece, NY Murder Case.”


L-Tron has presented at multiple IAI events in the past. McNeill presented his “Introduction to Spherical Photography” lecture to New York and Connecticut’s Division of the IAI Educational Conference in October 2018. Additionally, L-Tron was honored to present on Spherical Photography at the International IAI Conference in San Antonio, in July of 2018.


McNeill has presented to other law enforcement audiences nationally. In addition to formal speaking arrangements, he serves as lead instructor of L-Tron’s Forensic Photography Refresher Course and teaches college-level courses as a certified police and fire instructor.


Now retired, McNeill spent 18 years of his former career in law enforcement as a crime scene investigator, specializing in crime scene investigation, collision reconstruction, latent fingerprint examination, forensic video analysis, and training. During this time, he testified numerous times in the courtroom as an expert witness and provided expert consultations with other agencies about unsolved cases.


“Once again, L-Tron is honored to attend, exhibit and speak at an IAI Conference. The IAI is at the forefront of Forensic Technology – we are proud that OSCR360 and Andy will be there to assist and teach Investigators, Detectives and Forensic Scientists in the Chesapeake Bay area”

– Gayle DeRose, Chief Marketing Officer at L-Tron


Andy Teaching - Fathers Day


L-Tron’s presentation at the upcoming CBD IAI Conference will focus on spherical photography using OSCR360, which captures every inch of detail from floor to ceiling, providing detailed 360-degree views of the crime scene areas. These photographs, which also serve as “containers” for other digital evidence, have proven to be invaluable through recent homicide investigations and successful courtroom prosecutions.

The IAI is a world-renowned organization with over 7,000 members focused on advancing forensic disciplines through education.


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Founded in 1975, L-Tron provides world class data capture hardware and software solutions. Specializing in public sector, as well as manufacturing, industrial automation and field mobility, we are a proud New York State business. We have been working for Law Enforcement for over 20 years, and have deployed law enforcement equipment in over 2,000 municipalities across 50 states nationwide.




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