Canton, OH L-Tron visit


Following up an exciting trip to New Haven, CT with Dr. Henry Lee, L-Tron’s OSCR360 was on the road again, heading to Canton, OH.

The L-Tron teamed will be stopping by the Canton Fire Department, as well as neighboring departments in Massillion, Green, Zanesville and Norwich.


The City of Canton, OH Fire Department was established almost 200 years ago in the time of horse-drawn fire apparatus. Today, Canton FD serves a population of close to 73,000 with ten stations scattered throughout its city limits. While Massillion, Green, Zanesville and Norwich are all smaller departments ranging from two to four stations, they each receive thousands of calls per year and pride themselves in providing quality emergency services.


“OSCR360 is becoming a valuable tool for fire departments. Originally, OSCR was built for Law Enforcement agencies, however we have found more and more use cases for other government agencies within the public sector. Everyone who sees what OSCR can do, finds a way that it would help them.”

– Trevor DiMarco, Director of Solutions at L-Tron


OSCR360 photography equipment and software is a groundbreaking new firefighting tool that is useful for arson investigation and incident pre-planning. OSCR captures every detail from floor/ground to ceiling/sky, providing one impressive 360-degree view of a fire scene. With OSCR spherical photographs, investigators can virtually revisit the scene to jog their memory or even look for details that may have been missed. Invaluable in the courtroom, the jury gets a clear virtual tour of the arson scene, rather than a stack of photos of charred evidence that all look the same to the untrained eye. When it comes to incident pre-planning, OSCR360 spherical photographs mentally prepare fire fighters prior to entering public or high-occupancy buildings during an emergency. Fire fighters or police officers can review floor plans and complete a virtual walk-through of a building before entry.



OSCR will be heading back to Michigan and Iowa in the upcoming weeks.


Contact L-Tron to learn more about OSCR or request a visit to your fire department or police agency.


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