The L-Tron marketing team collaborates with the Badge of Honor Association to redesign their new website.

The LTC team is always looking for opportunities to Back the Blue and #supporttheprotectors. Donating our time, resources and creative to design the new Badge of Honor Association website was a way for us to help honor Police Officers who have risked their lives or made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.

Badge of Honor Association Website

The L-Tron Corporation was proud to redesign the Badge of Honor Association’s new website. L-Tron’s marketing team utilized their knowledge, expertise, creative skills, and time to reorganize the site and update the imagery, improve the user experience and design layout. This website redesign allows the Badge of Honor Association to showcase their newest initiative, ‘The Blue Line Speaks,’ to speak to their mission and tell their story. The site also allows BOHA to more easily update their events, and speaks to the community about how they can become more involved.

Now, more than ever, Police Officers need your support.

The ‘Blue Line Speaks’ program gives a voice to Police Officers who have been involved in life-threatening or life-altering incidents. Law Enforcement Officers are given a platform to share their story – which also tells other Officers that they are not alone, and that they can overcome the after-effects of an event. There is still life after Law Enforcement.

Through this program, the Badge of Honor Association works to educate the public and the community, to better understand what Officers go through every day.

“It is a pleasure to support and give to organizations like the Badge of Honor Association. As a company we are proud to back the blue through financial donations in addition to sharing our knowledge, expertise and resources to support Officers in NY state and throughout the country. L-Tron culture is one of generosity and inclusion.”

– Gayle F. DeRose, CMO & Partner at L-Tron Corporation

About the Badge of Honor Association

The Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) is a 100% volunteer run organization that supports more than 25,000 Officers across 28 counties throughout Western and Central New York state. BOHA provides much needed support for Officers who are involved in critical incidents by donating financially to them and providing counseling, education, and a network of support. In addition to the launch of the new Badge of Honor Association website, the organization recently introduced ‘The Blue Line Speaks,’ a program that shares the stories of Officers involved in major incidents. The Badge of Honor Association also provides support for children who have lost a parent or guardian in the line of duty through their ‘Books and Board’ program, annual Darien Lake retreat, and their annual holiday shopping event.

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