L-Tron Corporation is pleased to bring Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecuting Attorney’s a new, more powerful way of capturing and presenting crime and crash scenes with The OSCR360 Solution.

The OSCR360 Solution

Capture scenes and the chain of events in a full 360 degrees, and create a virtual tour of ancillary evidence with a photographic timeline.


Here’s how the OSCR360 Solution works:

  1.  Quickly setup and capture crime or crash scenes in 360 degrees.
  2. Instantly review your 360 degree photos anywhere on the OSCR tablet.
  3. Sync your photos securely to your OSCR360 desktop app.
  4. Build your virtual walk through tour, chain of events, timeline and/or witness statements.
  5. Add in supporting multi-media ancillary evidence files – such as still images, body cam footage, audio recordings, floor plans, crash sketches, and more.
  6. Deliver the virtual tour presentation to your audience (command staff, Police Chief, Jury, Mayor, etc.)

The OSCR360 Solution is a direct result of collaboration with Law Enforcement and Prosecuting Attorneys. Purpose built from the voice and needs of the primary users. Every case is different. OSCR360 allows you to capture, preserve, and present an fair and accurate representation of the facts.

  • This solution is simple and easy to use, no post production or training is required.
  • Prevent scene contamination, for example, set up and capture an entire house in 360 degrees in under 15 minutes.
  • Keep your ancillary evidence in one container. Incorporate multi-media evidence files into your presentation.
  • Improve Officer safety by reducing the time Officers are in dangerous scenes – the side of the road, working within a crime scene etc.
  • OSCR360 was purpose built for any size municipality and Prosecuting Attorneys.
  • OSCR360 is made in the USA.

OSCR360 captures a comprehensive chain of events which can be clearly presented using a virtual tour. This “tour” includes facts, images, and evidence. The solution was recently used to document the scenes of a second-degree murder and gain a conviction in the prosecution of Jonathan Ortiz in Rochester, NY.

OSCR360 was also used by the Monroe County DA’s office in closing arguments during the Rideout Murder Trial. Learn more here.

The OSCR360 Solution is more than just evidence presentation. Revolutionize how your case evidence is presented. Show the facts, close the case, benefit your community and justice can be served.