OSCR360 Provides Compelling Evidence Presentation in Rideout Murder Trial

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L-Tron’s OSCR260 Solution Provides Compelling Evidence Presentation to Jurors in the Rideout Murder Trial The OSCR360 Solution

L-Tron Corporation’s OSCR360 Solution was used by the Monroe County DA’s office in the high-profile Rideout Murder Trial. Almost one year after Craig Rideout’s death, jurors have come to a final verdict. This week, jurors convicted Laura Rideout and her son, Colin Rideout, following a difficult six week trial and five days of deliberations. Both Rideouts were found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence. Laura Rideout’s other son, Alex Rideout, was found guilty of two charges of Tampering with Evidence,

Rideout Murder Trial

OSCR360 played a noteworthy role in closing arguments. The Solution was used by Prosecutors in court to visually walk through portions of the case, including crime scene photographic evidence and surveillance video evidence. It can be overwhelming to look at all the individual pieces of a jigsaw evidence puzzle without understanding how they fit together. By utilizing OSCR360, jurors were able to view the larger picture. With this presentation, the jury got to see the evidence in its entirety, not in individual pieces.

L-Tron’s Director of Solutions, Trevor DiMarco, who was in the courtroom for closing arguments, stated,

“Prior to [OSCR360] being used… the jury was… paying attention but you could tell they were tired – mentally tired. As soon as the OSCR360 visual presentation came on, they all sat up out of their chairs, looked at the screen and really got engaged to see this visual description of what happened.”

Watch a full interview with Trevor here.

OSCR360 was also used in the prosecution of Jonathan Ortiz for Second Degree Murder to depict a main witness’s vantage point during the witness testimony. Using the crime scene photographic evidence, the jury was able to watch and listen to evidence simultaneously so that every juror had a clear picture of the events that had transpired.



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