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L-Tron Corporation Announces Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on the Light Grenade for Law Enforcement – Specials include free shipping & a Surefire Flashlight Donation


Light up your Black FridayVICTOR, N.Y. – November 21, 2017 – PRLog – L-Tron Corporation has announced Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials on their Light Grenade, built for Law Enforcement Officers. All orders placed Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2017 are eligible for free shipping within the U.S. and a “purchase now, decide later” guarantee. Orders of 5 Light Grenades or more are also eligible to receive a SureFire G2X-LE flashlight donation.

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Invented by Officers, for Officers, the American-made Light Grenade is a twelve-sided, down-range, deployable 360 degree light source created to give officers the tactical advantage in dark environments. As its tagline suggests, the Light Grenade does “blow up a room with light,” allowing officers to quickly recognize and respond to nearby threats. The Light Grenade illuminates basements, alleyways, dark hallways, abandoned buildings and more from all sides, eliminating flashlight tunnel vision. Light Grenades are available in White Light or IR (Infrared) versions. The Light Grenade kit includes one (1) Light Grenade, one (1) Key FOB to activate, and a USB charging base.


“We just field tested [Light Grenade] today in low light training with SWAT. It improved our reaction time to suspects in rooms from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 because teams reacted to movements outside rail light cone-shaped zone. Very impressive device.”

– SWAT Commander


“Light Grenade has been extremely well-received in the law enforcement community. We have a long test and evaluation list of police agencies and the list is getting longer every day. We don’t want to keep officers on a waiting list; agencies can now purchase and begin using Light Grenade immediately with the assurance that if it doesn’t fit their needs they can return it to us for a full refund.”

– L-Tron President & CEO RAD DeRose

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About the L-Tron Corporation

Our team has been working with law enforcement, public safety and government agencies for over 17 years, providing equipment and solutions that are deployed in over 2,000 municipalities across 48 states nationwide. A complete listing of L-Tron’s law enforcement offerings can be found at L-Tron is proud to give back to the community and support Law Enforcement, during the holidays and throughout the year. This past year, L-Tron assisted with the ‘Hour of Code’ global initiative, the United Way Together we CAN drive, and helped donate Cuddle Bear books and teddy bears to the Rochester Police Department’s Books & Bears program.

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Video: Deploying a Light Grenade

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