NYS Innovation Summit

L-Tron & OSCR360 are getting ready to exhibit at the NYS Innovation Summit. Held annually, this year’s summit is at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, October 7th and 8th 2019.

The NYS Innovation Summit is a two-day event that invites New York organizations to showcase, share and discover new/emerging technologies. These technologies support innovation and drive business growth throughout the state.

“This event celebrates New York State leadership in technology-led economic growth, with experts in biotechnology, new materials, energy innovation, and artificial intelligence that will explore current technology convergence opportunities, ways to accelerate commercialization, and issues of manufacturing sustainability”

oscr360 for investigations

Meet OSCR360 at the Summit

First on the scene, OSCR360 is a 360 degree camera and desktop software that allows Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators and Attorneys to capture and organize evidence faster. When all the digital evidence is presented in the OSCR software, complex crime scenes become easier to explain to judges, jurors or outsiders. OSCR360 prevents scene trampling, allows scenes to be processed faster and acts as a container for digital evidence. Currently, OSCR is being used throughout the country, has visited over 400 agencies nationwide and is being actively used in 28+ states. Boston Police Department, Austin Police Department, and Orange County, FL are just a few happy OSCR360 customers.

L-Tron CMO Gayle DeRose and Julianne Pangal will be presenting OSCR360 at the summit, and are available to answer any questions on the system. Make sure you stop by the booth for a live, interactive demo. Learn more about Gayle, Juli & the entire L-Tron team here.

Keynote Speakers:

Meet Kevin Surace, the Chairman & CTO at Appvance.ai, and Dr. Mukesh Khare, the Vice President at IBM Research. These two distinguished individuals will be the keynote speakers for this year’s Innovation Summit. Surace was INC Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the year and holds over 85 worldwide patents. Dr. Khare has been the driving force behind IBM’s computing hardware research agenda. He was the recipient of the IBM Corporate Award and the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, for his accomplishments as an IBM distinguished engineer.

Who is hosting this year’s event?

This year’s New York State Innovation Summit is presented by manufacturing partners, FuzeHub and NYSTAR. FuzeHub is a non-profit organization that brings together NY manufacturing companies and connects them with resources, programs and expertise. FuzeHub is the statewide NY Manufacturing Extension Partner Center (MEP) and is also supported by NYSTAR.

The Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (also known as NYSTAR), advances technology innovation and commercialization throughout the state. NYSTAR provides around $55 million in funding to support over 70 centers that provide direct assistance to NY State companies.

Interested in attending the NYS Innovation Summit? More information is available here.


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