The L-Tron team surprised creative extraordinaire & co-worker, Elyse, with a special brunch the week before her wedding.

A key member of the L-Tron M-Team, Elyse has been with L-Tron for 5 years. She is the creative genius behind most of our marketing collateral, print advertising, and website content. Elyse met her soon-to-be husband, Cory, while the two were in college. Cory is a familiar face, and has attended several L-Tron events including annual Holiday parties, happy hours, and our open house & ribbon cutting event last year.

Elyse is getting married!

The L-Tron team decided that the best way to celebrate Elyse’s upcoming wedding was with a surprise bridal brunch. We transformed the big conference room into a rose-gold party room, and served a big brunch complete with bagels, donuts, fruit and mimosas. We made sure to get all of Elyse’s local favorites – like Ridge Donuts & Balsam Bagels.

Elyse thought she was heading to a meeting, while in reality, the entire L-Tron team was waiting to surprise her! Bride-to-be Elyse was completely shocked to find everyone in the conference room ready to celebrate her upcoming wedding. We had a toast to the soon-to-be-married couple, which included the quote that is engraved on their wedding bands (“Together, We Have It All”). The team also signed a card and chipped in for a few gift cards for the couple to use on their honeymoon. Marisa made a playlist of other employee’s wedding songs, first dances, and favorite love songs. We even listened to Cory & Elyse’s wedding song, and chatted about how amazing the ceremony is going to be.

Congratulations Elyse & Cory, we hope you have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful time in Hawaii!


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