Omnidirectional area-imaging scanner, with pricing comparable to a linear scanner, is able to scan PDF417 and 2D barcodes after an effortless upgrade process.
Upgradeable Barcode Imaging Scanner Ensures Longevity
L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of Honeywell’s Voyager 1400g area-imaging scanner to the Company’s extensive line of barcode scanning products.  Available in three different configurations, linear, PDF, and 2D, this unique hand-held imaging scanner incorporates Honeywell’s proven scanning technology in an easily upgradeable package. Ideal for enterprises needing to meet upcoming government regulations or simply wanting to stay on top of the growing trend of 2D barcode reading, the 1400g is an affordable “future-proof” alternative to the hassle of purchasing basic hardware now and replacing it with new, more expensive hardware in the future.
For a price that is comparable to most basic linear scanners, the 1400g performs several functions in addition to reading 1D barcodes, including reading barcodes on mobile phone screens, single-scanning stacked GS1s, and decoding poor quality barcodes.  Furthermore, while most linear scanners read barcodes in just one direction, the 1400g features omnidirectional scanning for ease of use and improved productivity.
Perhaps the greatest distinction between the 1400g and traditional linear scanners is that the 1400g can be easily upgraded in the future to read PDF417 barcodes, and again to read the most commonly used 2D barcodes.  For enterprises in search of an economical PDF or 2D scanning option, as well as for companies needing linear scanning now but desiring the possibility of a reasonably priced upgrade later, the Voyager 1400g offers a high-quality scanning solution for automating processes, data collection, and other barcode scanning applications.