Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has a new area-imaging barcode scanner, the Voyager 1400g.  It’s a 2D area-imager, available as a budget-conscious alternative to the 1900g, with a slightly abbreviated feature set.  For example, it won’t allow you to capture and process images.  While the symbology support is not quite as extensive as the 1900g, it does cover the most commonly used barcode types.  The 1900g has a better sensor and will unquestionably outperform the 1400g, but let’s face it, best-in-class performance is not the deciding factor in every purchasing decision.
Voyager 1400g
What’s really unique about the 1400g is the option to purchase this 2D area-imager with limited features at reduced prices.  The scanner comes in three basic configurations.  Linear barcodes only, linear plus PDF417, or linear plus PDF417 and all the most popular 2D barcodes.  If you choose to purchase a limited feature model you can pay to upgrade it in the future without replacing hardware.
As a true area-imager, you get the benefits of a 2D omnidirectional reader even at the lower feature levels.  This is especially important for the PDF version.  If you’ve ever scanned a PDF417 barcode with a traditional PDF capable linear scanner, you’ll know why.  You have to sweep the scan line over the entire barcode, top to bottom.  With the 1400g, you point, shoot and read the barcode almost instantly.
Upgrading the scanner couldn’t be easier.  You don’t have to return it to the factory.  You simply provide the serial number to your reseller partner, make your purchase and wait for an email that contains a barcode you can scan to enable the features you’ve upgraded.
The Voyager 1400g is not going to replace the 1900g Xenon, but it’s a fairly compelling new product.  It’s priced to compete with linear imagers, gives you omnidirectional scanning at all feature levels and is able to grow with you as your scanning needs change over time.
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