Women's History Month - the ladies of L-Tron

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day: Equality shouldn’t have to be a fight Grow up in a house full of women as a boy, you can’t help but have sympathy for the cause. Equality. A concept, a weight, a calculation, a size, a quantity, a value, an issue. Throughout time it’s been debated, fought …

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Photo of a young woman engineer who is fixing the motor on an airplane

Women’s History Month: Starting the Fuss About Women of History

Women’s History Month, originally celebrated in 1981, aims to celebrate women of history. Moreover, March is dedicated to remembering and encouraging the observation and celebration of the vital role that women play in our history. From scientists and engineers to teachers and artists, women nationwide have left their mark on our country, and THAT deserves …

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International Women’s Day 2018

History International Women’s Day is celebrated in countries worldwide. The goal? To recognize women from all divisions, nationalities, ethnicities, cultural, economic, or political backgrounds for their achievements and successes and encourage equality. 1908 brought insurmountable oppression and inequality for women working in Industrialized America. This inspired women across the country to become more vocal and …

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