L-Tron Team - finding growth and opportunities during covid

Finding Growth and Opportunities during COVID-19

Looking back, our commitment to the safety and health of our employees, exceptional performance, and full transparency with our internal and external customers, as well as our manufacturing partners, enabled us to keep our doors open and our operations running to full capacity. This remained the case, even as our state and local region peaked in its number of COVID cases,

L-Tron’s Beginnings – Women in Leadership Roles

It’s not too often we hear about or see women in technology leadership roles. In a world where women now make up the majority of the workforce, this ‘women in technology’ (or lack-there-of) stigma needs to change. Discover how Gayle DeRose, L-Tron’s COO, Marketing Director, and Co-Owner, grew into a leadership role in our company and how she chose the …

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women leaders in technology

Wanted: More Women Technology Leaders

Women now comprise 57% of the professional workforce.    We’re a majority. Well, not everywhere. Women in technology represent a small minority. In fact, the number of women working in computer and math fields has actually decreased from a mere 28.8% to an even smaller 26.1% between 2003 and 2012—in spite of the growth that …

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