thermal paper for law enforcement

Thermal Paper Frustrations: What happens when you run out of thermal paper rolls?

Police officers are expert at telling stories and solving the world’s problems. At least at roll call with a cup of coffee, or at a bar over a beer. But get a cop to feed one of those fresh thermal paper rolls into a patrol car’s mobile printer? It’s akin to changing the toilet paper roll at home. Even then, there’s that leading-edge question: Over or under?

What is a mobile printer?

What is a Mobile Printer?

What is a mobile printer? Mobile printing sends data from a portable device to produce tangible print products. The benefits of mobile printers are in time and cost savings, productivity, improved customer service, and even safety.

Q&A: Breaking Down Your Receipt Printer Options

Q&A: Breaking Down Your Receipt Printer Options Q: Thermal or Impact? A: Thermal Most of the time, anyway. Thermal receipt printers are quieter, faster and not having to worry about ribbon cartridges means fewer consumables to manage. Thermal paper is your only consumable. *Hint: Make sure you don’t confuse thermal transfer with direct thermal. Thermal …

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Thermal Barcode Printing

This post is for all of you out there who have questions about thermal barcode printing.  The preferred method of printing barcode labels is by using a dedicated thermal printer.  A thermal printer prints with heat, as you would expect.  The portion of the printer that comes in contact with the label or ribbon is …

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Need Help Designing Barcode Labeling Solutions?

So you’re ready to automate a process by using barcode labeling solutions, but you’re not sure where to start? The following are some guidelines to help you determine what is best for your process. What human-readable information do you want on the label? If the labeled item becomes lost, will a person need to be …

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