EMV Liability Shift – October 2015

As I sit down to write this post on September 30, the unfolding EMV initiative (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the companies that originated EMV) is less than one day away from a major milestone in the US; liability shift. Most of us are at least aware of the new cards we’ve been receiving with integrated …

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4 Things to Consider When Looking at a Mobile POS System

So, you have heard about Mobile Point of Sale (Mobile POS or mPOS). You have heard that it can do great things for your business and make your life easier. The next thought you may have is “Where do I start?” Well, there are four main considerations for your business..

A Little Bit Closer to Star Trek: Why Evolving Matters

When I was a child I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and was entertained every week by what I thought was a galaxy and the possibility that I would never see it in my lifetime. Really, warp drives? Traveling to new worlds and civilizations? Computers that can generate food? Surely something like …

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The New Connected Shopper?

While reading today of sophisticated mobile-marketing strategies – complex concepts such as “creating meaningful retail connection points,” ” transforming points-of-sale into points-of-service,” “engaging the new connected shopper” and “becoming an omni-channel retailer” – I was reminded, in contrast, of simpler shopping experiences that I enjoyed decades ago. I lived in the classic small town – …

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