L-Tron gives back for the 2021 holiday season

Corporate Social Responsibility 2021: How did the L-Tron team give back this year?

Every holiday season, L-Tron makes it a point to give back as a company. The unique thing about L-Tron, however, is that “giving back” means a whole lot more than simply writing a check to an organization. Instead, the process is collaborative, involves the entire team, and often lasts throughout the entire year. The collective generosity of our team speaks volumes about the type of company L-Tron is.

It's a fluid situation

Taking Water for Granted – It’s a Fluid Situation

It’s a fluid situation.   We take water for granted.  Why shouldn’t we?  It’s everywhere. It covers approximately 71 percent of the earth’s surface and makes up about 60 percent of our bodies.   We are literally bodies of water.  It’s our very being.   But according to the international non-profit World Concern, an estimated …

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