Why Remotely Manage Your Mobile and RF Devices?

How many times are you called to the warehouse to troubleshoot issues with your handheld or truck-mounted computers or terminals? Do you have remote users who are traveling or are located at remote facilities? Do your remote devices require software updates periodically? Can you track devices and maintain their batteries effectively, or is it hit-and-miss? …

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Automating Your Mobile Employees

So you’re feeling positive about your operations since you automated many of your internal systems. What happens when one of your employee’s jobs takes them away from their computer? Imagine this scenario: They have to find something in the warehouse. They have to deliver product to a customer. They make a sales call. If these …

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Vehicle Industrial USB Hubs

I’ve noticed that more and more industries are putting computers into their vehicles these days.  This can make their mobile employees more productive, give them access to real-time data, and provide a better overall experience for customers.  When the computer lacks sufficient USB ports for connecting peripherals, a USB hub is used.  Because a vehicle …

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