Daubert & Frye Admissible Evidence

Daubert & Frye: The History Behind Admissible Evidence

The question of courtroom admissibility is a hot topic – and for good reason. Prosecutors require strong evidence to obtain a conviction, whereas defense attorneys are seeking a “not guilty” verdict, or better yet, the case dismissed. When evidence gets thrown out by the court, it’s a huge win for the defense.

When it comes to admitting digital and photographic evidence into a courtroom to be used in a criminal case, there are four criteria each piece of evidence must meet: accuracy, authenticity, originality, and relevancy. 

Police Body-Cams: Are you ready for all the data?

A study reported in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology showed that body cameras may cut in half the use of force by police and reduce civilian complaints by 90%. Body-worn cameras are gaining in popularity for Police Officers in the approximately 18,000 agencies around the country. The U.S. Justice Department announced a plan to help …

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