OSCR for witness testimony in the courtroom

Preparing for Trial: Witness Testimony & Building Rapport with the Jury

As a prosecutor, it is likely that the fundamental steps to trial preparation are ingrained in your workflow. You work on a case for months, research every angle and collaborate with investigators. You spend hours preparing opening remarks, and the witnesses seem solid. But, are your witnesses prepared for the stand?

See how OSCR360 can assist in preparing your witnesses for trial and courtroom testimony.

CSI Effect

The Jury Duty Process: What to Expect When You are Called to Serve.

My recent experiences as a juror reminded me that the jury duty process offers a way for each of us to serve our greater community. I learned more about criminal proceedings in my local courthouse.

Discover more about my experience serving as a juror including: the jury duty process, juror selection, and what to expect when you are called to serve.

types of cases district attorneys handle in court

What types of cases do District Attorneys handle?

The criminal justice system is multi-dimensional and complex. In fact, to someone who isn’t immersed in the field, it can even be a bit confusing. Understanding the differences between state and federal cases, the appellate court system, elected and appointed officials, types of attorneys, crime classifications, non-criminal proceedings, and other criminal justice jargon can certainly be daunting.

Here, we break down the courtroom process at the state level.

states attorney vs district attorney

States Attorney vs District Attorney: What are the key differences between these (and other) criminal justice roles?

District Attorney. Prosecutor. State’s Attorney. Assistant District Attorney. Defense Attorney. U.S. Attorney General.

Do you know the difference between a States Attorney vs District Attorney? Although each of the above titles use similar wording, these terms are not necessarily synonymous with one another. They represent several distinct roles within the criminal justice system. We clarify the differences between each of these roles in this blog.

courtroom technology fears

Will Courtroom Technology Fears hold you back from Obtaining a Conviction?

Welcoming new technology into your courtroom presentations may improve your conviction rate and assist in serving justice. Fear of failure is a funny thing. It can prevent you from making a terrible mistake.  But, it can also hold you back from accomplishing something new and incredible.  Technology in the courtroom. As technology continually evolves in …

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L-Tron's NDAA Summer Summit Booth

Press Release: L-Tron Team Returns from the NDAA Summer Summit in VA

L-Tron has returned from a successful trip to the National District Attorney Association’s (NDAA) Summer Summit. The Summit, which was offered exclusively to prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, took place from July 18-20, 2021 in Virginia Beach. L-Tron has a long history of partnering with government organizations, and is proud to support both the Summit and the NDAA organization.

History of technology in the courtroom

What does a District Attorney do? District Attorney FAQs

It’s no secret that the criminal justice system has been in the news more frequently, from high-profile cases, to increasing violence, to policy reform and more. Here, we break down some of your most common questions about a key role in the criminal justice system: our district attorneys.

oscr for attorneys

Press Release: L-Tron to Sponsor & Attend Upcoming National District Attorney Association Summit in Virginia Beach, VA

L-Tron is pleased to announce that the L-Tron team will be sponsoring and attending the National District Attorney Association (NDAA) Summer Summit in Virginia Beach, VA. The Summit, “Seeking Justice and Serving Communities,” will take place from July 18-20, 2021 at the Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront. At the Summit, L-Tron team members Alexandra Myers and …

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Case Presentation Software Technology

District Attorney Tools: Case Presentation Software

The role of a District Attorney’s Office comes with huge responsibility. When a case is presented, a jury or judge will decide whether or not to convict a suspect – and their decision is based on the collection and presentation of the evidence. The burden of proof lies with the prosecutor, and the end goal is for justice to be served.

What case presentation tools & technology can assist with organizing and presenting your case?

How to become a district attorney investigator

How to Become a District Attorney Investigator: The 4 R’s

How to Become a District Attorney Investigator: The 4 R’s  Reliable district attorney investigators are essential in today’s criminal justice system. This blog outlines the 4R’s of becoming a district attorney investigator: the role, the requirements, the responsibilities and the resources you may need.  How to Become a District Attorney Investigator: The Role   As a …

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