LTC Operations Team - COVID-19 Efforts

Rochester SMB makes Sizable Contribution to COVID-19 Efforts Behind the Scenes

While big businesses and major corporations have received attention for COVID-19 efforts and the economic impacts of the pandemic, small/medium businesses (SMBs) are quietly proving to be integral behind the scenes. One local SMB, L-Tron, discusses the balancing act of delivering quality and service excellence, supporting critical healthcare and law enforcement efforts, and exceeding recommended safety practices for its internal team members, as an essential NYS business.

three steps to growing your business with data

L-Tron Data Series, Part 5: Three Steps to Growing Your Business with Data

So far, this blog series has covered everything from “big data” and where to find data, to why data is important. Today’s topic will delve into using data to proactively grow your business (although the same steps will likely be taken if you are using data to react to a workplace problem, as well).