Improving workflow efficiency has never been easier, with an environmentally-durable mobile computer that allows advanced data collection and processing, real-time access to home office applications, and unlimited connectivity options, worldwide.
Streamline Everyday Duties with the Click of a Button
L-Tron Corporation, in conjunction with premier partner, Motorola Solutions, presents one of the toughest, most flexible EDAs on the market, designed to benefit mobile workers who are faced with multiple tasks to complete in limited amounts of time.  Specializing in maximizing workflow efficiency, the MC65 rugged mobile computer provides real-time access to enterprise applications, all while allowing workers to record critical information with just one click.
The MC65 is able to flexibly connect to virtually any wireless network in the world to ensure the best possible coverage for mobile workers.  Even workers traveling globally who may need to access different networks can switch between networks with just this one device.  From upper management and account managers to repair technicians and inspectors, this EDA functions accordingly for various types of enterprise applications, including customer calls, emails, and conference calls.
Productivity is an absolute must with the MC65, as both paperwork and unneeded repeat visits to customers are eliminated.  Mobile workers are provided with instant access to back-end systems, permitting users to continuously remain updated with the latest information.  Advanced data capture allows documents, bar codes, photos, signatures and more to be collected and processed instantly, facilitating project troubleshooting from off-site, paperwork completion and organization, and highly accurate real-time inventory management.  Each of these tasks can be completed day-in and day-out, regardless of changing weather and environmental conditions, as the MC65 is durable enough to ensure reliable operation despite hot and cold temperatures, dust, and moisture.  In fact, the device can even withstand accidental drops that inevitably occur on the job.
L-Tron carefully selects their products, such as the MC65, from globally-renowned technology manufacturers, guaranteeing that L-Tron clients are provided with superior technology and equipment.  In addition to their stand-alone hardware and software products, L-Tron expertly provides a wide range of technology solution packages that can be customized to meet specific user requirements across various industries.