L-Tron Corporation presents a total solution for field workers, which eliminates paper forms and improves task accuracy, inventory management and overall company productivity and efficiency, all while increasing customer service levels.
Field Mobility Solution Allows for Instant Task Completion; Improves Customer Service
L-Tron Corporation is pleased to unveil their innovative Field Mobility System, created in response to the difficulties faced by sales, service and direct store delivery companies.  Upon speaking with such companies, L-Tron ascertained that often there is a disconnect between field workers and company headquarters, which can result in wasted time and errors within the workflow process.  Furthermore, competition among companies makes it difficult to maintain high customer service levels while reducing costs to increase profitability.  Given these obstacles, L-Tron developed a total solution specifically designed to help companies become more productive, efficient and profitable by streamlining field operations, eliminating paper forms, improving task accuracy and inventory management, and increasing the velocity of order and payment cycle times.
Although many businesses today have answered the question of field mobility by simply purchasing their field workers smart phones, Lynn Johnson, Marketing Director at L-Tron Corporation, emphasizes that a field mobility solution is much more than just a smart phone.
“Our field service clients are always looking for new ways to collect and access real-time data while they are personally interacting with a customer.  Of particular interest has been the ability to ‘close out’ with payment at the end of the visit, eliminating the need for someone back at office headquarters to handle billing,” Johnson explains.  “Our clients are looking for a robust industrial level solution, which will allow for environmental challenges and a longer life span than a commercial grade solution, giving them a higher level of ROI.  With L-Tron’s solution, service employees in the field can assist in the sale of services and products, adding to the bottom line of the company’s overall profitability, as well as servicing customers at the highest level.”
With real-time connections between a company and its field workers, supervisors are able to actively manage their employees and make immediate changes, positively impacting customer service levels.  Moreover, mobile computing simplifies business procedures through the use of automation, which effectively eliminates errors and delays in the processing of information.  In turn, the mobile workforce is freed to spend additional time with customers to generate more orders, strengthen customer relationships and improve customer loyalty.  Such business procedures include inventory management, proof of delivery, on-the-spot ordering, and rapid invoicing.  L-Tron’s solution allows virtually any task to be completed instantly, which positively impacts the fulfillment of critical business tasks such as demand forecasting, production line scheduling and inventory managements.
As durability is a necessity for field workers of today, L-Tron ensures that each  mobility solution is comprised of resilient hardware designed to withstand various external environments, while  featuring an ergonomic design for individuals on the move.  L-Tron’s software developers provide data collection and recording applications for a field staff’s mobile computers and printers, all of which can be integrated into a back office system.
L-Tron serves a wide variety of industries and has developed numerous well-received systems including e-Citation Solutions, Incident Reporting Solutions, Track and Trace Solutions, and Tax Solutions.  These systems are known for reducing costs, improving employee productivity, increasing sales and profitability, maximizing asset utilization, and enhancing customer service.