Over the past few years, we’ve worked with many law enforcement officials to solve a common problem.  Together we found that police officers were often busy focusing on paperwork and data entry, rather than on the potentially hostile environments around them.  After observing that time and money were being wasted daily, and that officer safety was at risk, we jointly determined that a driver’s license solution was just the “ticket” to eliminate handwriting, paperwork and manual data entry.
License Solution Police
Using imaging technology as a driver’s license solution automates the process.  It allows an officer to use a single device for data entry and to take a digital image of an ID they suspect is fake.  Imaging technology can also be used for intelligent signature capture to attach a signature in those states where a signature is required. In my opinion, e-ticketing and reporting also offers a professional edge.  Errors and illegible writing from handwritten forms will be eliminated.  This will reduce the number of dismissed charges!
We had the opportunity to work with the Marion Police Department in Iowa and heard great feedback.  They told us that this process hugely increased their efficiency.  Prior to the driver’s license solution, it took an officer up to 30 minutes to enter information at an accident scene or processing a citation.  The automated solution we provided reduced this time to 10 minutes or less.  The 4810LR driver’s license solution enabled the department to keep officers out in the field rather than in the office.
In short, our 4810 driver’s license solution automates information from driver’s licenses and registrations, leading to:

  1. Greater accuracy
  2. Improved efficiency
  3. Faster information processing
  4. Reductions in dismissed tickets from illegibility
  5. Higher rates of officer safety
  6. Improved officer focus on surroundings
  7. Increased revenue
  8. More time on the street, reducing crime
  9. Improved quality of life for the community

If you think the L-Tron 4810 driver’s license solution can help you or if you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact us to request more information.