tracking solutionsI have found that without true labor costs, we have no visibility into the real cost of our products or services. Where are our front line employees spending their time?  Using a tracking solution to identify labor costs can ensure that your billing is as accurate and profitable as possible.
It seems to me that there are two significant fears that prevent company managers and supervisors from looking into a tracking solution:

  • Actual labor costs may seem complex and expensive to gather. As a result, many make due with standard cost estimates.
  • Many small businesses have limited IT departments and are fearful of their ability to support a tracking system, when in reality the developer may support the system once in place.

When you consider how much profit is at stake, and that your competition may be implementing a tracking solution strategy for their business, I strongly recommend looking into a tracking solution for your labor force.
The results of a tracking solution for real-time labor management offers many benefits:

  1. Increased job accuracy
  2. Improved productivity
  3. Total accountability of labor hours
  4. Reduction in data errors
  5. Improved payroll accuracy and compliance
  6. Reduced order to cash cycle
  7. Real-time job status
  8. Overall workplace management and utilization

By layering field mobility solutions on top of existing time and attendance systems, companies can rapidly deploy a cost-effective mobile labor management system capable of delivering many operational, strategic and financial benefits.
If you are interested in learning more, I would be glad to send you a case study showing a pilot program rolled out by Shumate involving 40 technicians in Atlanta, GA that resulted in $208,000 per year savings in labor costs. Just e-mail me at donella.pogue[at]