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Technology Trends

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The IoT from A to Z: Your Guide to the Internet of Things
This quick FAQ will fill you in on the basics of the IoT. Read More.



7 Industries Being Transformed by the Internet of Things

We are seeing the IoT boom in: manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, government, agriculture & environmental.Read More.

Infographic from Zebra Technologies


3 IoT Concerns and How to Solve Them

Privacy, information overload, and security issues are addressed in the Q & A session. Read More. 

Infographic Spotlight

Decoding the Language of Barcodes
Key AIDC Industry Terms

Happy New Year from the L-Tron Team!

Company Growth and Industry Trend Predictions for 2016

“We are well-positioned for growth with our outstanding engineering, sales, marketing and operations teams. We have the best talent and a company focus on delighting our customers with innovative products and solutions. This year, I would like to see our customers and staff exceed their personal and professional goals.”

– RAD DeRose, CEO

“2016 is going to rock at the LTC! This year we have great new hires in every department and our 3D printer is very busy – innovation at its finest. We’re also psyched about our upcoming solutions offerings and ISO 9001 certification!”

– Gayle DeRose, COO


“I’m excited about a new NYS contract. I also look forward to building many new relationships with people in the Child and Family Services profession, and helping them love their jobs more, as we help increase their productivity through automation and mobile applications.”

– Charlie, Sales Team

“I’m excited about all of our new content, we have lots of great things in the works. Our first eBook is going to be published within the next month. Also, be on the lookout for some helpful support and how-to videos!”

– Elyse, Marketing Team

“In 2016, I predict that we will grow through new solutions and we will expand our office space. Happy New Year!”

– Ken, Solutions Team

“In 2016, our customers should continue to expect to receive prompt & friendly service whenever they interact with my colleagues and I. We will continue to put our customers first as we do more to enhance and improve their customer service experience. W
e don’t expect to be measured on what we say, but more by what we do. We welcome your comments and feedback as we strive to be the best we can be.
Thank you for your business!”

– Sally, Operations Team

“In 2016, I look forward to diving deeper into helping some of our key customer segments. They have many unsolved problems, and I know we can help!”

– Trevor, Solutions Team

“I’m really excited about helping customers save time with their Lean Manufacturing initiatives in 2016 using barcode readers, RFID middleware integration, and industrial computing. We’ve got the right team assembled to make you successful!”

– Joe, Sales Team

“In 2016, I am looking forward to seeing tablets and smartphones continue to replace the cash register as Point-of-Sale and mobile Point-of-Sale solutions. I am also anticipating a lot more customer-oriented technology in 2016 – expect to see an increase in interactive menus, catalogs, maps, and more while you’re out and about!”

– Cal, Marketing Team

“We expect to deliver to quality
and you should expect to receive it!”

– Debbie, Operations Team

“As the new guy, I am really excited to see what this company will offer on the solutions side of business for 2016. It seems like every day we are faced with new challenges and opportunities – yet the team always finds a way to make it happen!”

– Brandon, Sales Team

“I look forward to my growth in 2016 as well as continuing to deliver the best quality and service!”

– Cathy, Operations Team

Family and Fun

“In 2016, I look forward to diving in Belize or Honduras – or both! I predict that I might purchase my first BC and regulator to use on my dives this year, too.”

– Jason, Sales Team

“In 2016, I plan to exercise regularly and eat healthier than ever. I can’t wait to try out lots of healthy and creative recipes (thanks in advance, Pinterest) AND somehow convince my husband and kids that Brussels sprouts are delicious…Wish me luck!”

-Carmella, Marketing Team

“I’d like to finish Top 10 in the Spring/Summer/Fall LOC Salmon Division. I’d also like to win the Sandy Creek Shootout in July.”

– Jeremy, Sales Team

“I look forward to winning the 2016 Ugly Christmas Sweater competition and painting another wine glass to add to my growing collection!”

– Stephanie, Operations Team

Here’s to a Happy and Successful 2016!


Blog Buzz
Do You Know What These AIDC Terms REALLY Mean?
By Carmella Giancursio

In the world of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), there are hundreds of terms, phrases and acronyms. It can be hard to keep up! There are several terms that some people mistakenly substitute for similar-sounding words, when in actuality, they are using the term in the completely wrong context.

Below are 10 of the most commonly used word substitutions that I’ve heard, along with their true meanings.


If you’re thinking about buying a barcode scanner to verify your barcodes, think again!

Barcode Verifier

A barcode verifier measures the bars and spaces of a barcode symbol, along with a barcode symbol’s “quiet zones” and optical characteristics, all for compliance purposes. It measures print quality and is used to determine whether a given barcode symbol meets specific requirements or standards for what makes a good barcode, which may be set forth by an industry or a business partner.

Barcode Scanner
A barcode scanner simply reads (or interprets) the data stored in barcodes, They are commonly known for their use in retail to:

  • Check prices
  • Read coupons
  • Check inventory

But the truth is, they are used in almost every industry. Barcode scanners are everywhere, including healthcare, education, government, transportation, logistics, and supply chain.

A term that actually is synonymous with barcode scanner? Barcode reader

Asset Tracking
Is a means of tracking the location of physical objects/assets as they move from one location to another. Items that are considered “assets” are those that actually belong to a company. In any given business, assets may include:

  • computers,
  • printers,
  • furniture,
  • vehicles,
  • mechanical equipment and more.

Asset tracking ties in closely with accounting because assets depreciate in value over time and require maintenance to be kept up.

Inventory Tracking
Is a system used to define materials or stock that is kept on-hand. Inventory can be consumable or saleable. A small business, for instance, will likely have an inventory of rolls of tape, writing utensils, copy paper, printer toner, etc., which is consumable inventory. The same business will probably have a back room in which “for sale” items are stored. Both consumable and saleable inventory require tracking. Another term for inventory tracking? Inventory management.

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