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[Video]: OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction

Watch as Retired Sergeant & Expert Crash Reconstructionist Chuck Grasso explains how OSCR360 assists with investigations and crash reconstruction.


  • How easy is OSCR360 to use?
  • How OSCR can assist with gaining search warrants
  • How OSCR allows investigators to clear the scene faster and open roads quicker
OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction

Crash Reconstruction is critical for victims, families, investigators and attorneys. You only have one opportunity to get the evidence collection right. OSCR360 allows viewers to see the whole crash scene through an investigator’s eyes. Capture, preserve and present a more comprehensive and accurate representation of a crash scene and the environment it occurred in.

OSCR360 was built from the voice of Law Enforcement and Prosecuting Attorneys.

To learn more about OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction, click here.


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