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[White Paper] Selecting the Right Barcode Label to Identify your Finished Product

Thermal Media & Barcode Printing White Paper:

Selecting the Right Barcode Label to Identify your Finished Product

Selecting the right barcode labels for your finished product
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[White Paper] Selecting the Right Barcode Label to Identify your Finished Product

This free white paper outlines key considerations when selecting thermal barcode labels for your company. Learn more about:

  • The types of thermal printing.
  • The types of printer ribbons.
  • A wide variety of factors can determine which style barcode label(s) your business needs.

All thermal labels are not created equally, so a certified, reputable supplier with decades of manufacturing experience makes all the difference when choosing the right brand for your company. 

Barcode Label White Paper Overview

Product identification labels, also known as barcode labels, are essential to maintaining compliance, consistency, efficiency, and growth within your business. However, with thousands of thermal labels to choose from – and dozens of factors to consider – it can be difficult to identify exactly which labels will best suit your business needs. This white paper is designed to guide you through this complex process by providing insight into the label factors you should consider, as well as recommendations for choosing a thermal label supplier. Below is an outline of the topics discussed in “Selecting the Right Label to Identify Your Finished Product.” 

  • Direct thermal vs. thermal transfer printing.
    • The type of printer you use directly impacts the label you need. Pun intended.
  • Comparing the 3 types of thermal transfer ribbon:
    • Wax Ribbons.
    • Wax/Resin Ribbons.
    • Resin Ribbons.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a label:
    • Surface – What shape and types of surface are you labeling?
    • Extreme Temperatures – Will your adhesive hold up in extreme heat or cold?
    • Abrasion Resistance – Are your labels at risk of becoming scratched and damaged?
    • Use of Applicator – Will you be applying labels manually or by machine?
    • Chemical Resistance – How will each chemical classification affect your labels?
    • Indoor/Outdoor Elements – Do environmental elements come into play?
    • Print Speed – Will your print speed impact label quality?
    • Print Darkness – How do speed, energy and ribbon quality determine barcode grade?
    • Dots per Inch (DPI) – Do your labels require detailed graphics and small fonts?
  • What to look for in a barcode label supplier?
    • Certifications, quality control and customization capabilities not only matter, but can make a huge difference in the end product. L-Tron & Zebra have decades of experience that result in quality and consistency with every single label.

Thousands of Barcode Labels: Where to Start?

L-Tron has partnered with Zebra for over a decade, which means we have seen the labels, used the labels, and recommended the labels to our satisfied clients. We recognize that having thousands of choices for virtually any application means that there is a perfect label out there for you – but it also means that the process of finding that perfect fit may feel daunting. Let us do the legwork, ask you the right questions, and set your company up for success.  

What can you expect from L-Tron?

Knowledge: L-Tron understands that choosing the right label matters. Working with us means that you’ll get the labels you need from the get-go, avoiding costly mistakes over the long haul. 

Experience: From our Sales Team, to our Engineering Team, to our Operations Team, we work collectively to answer your questions and solve your problems. And we have 40+ years of hands-on experience that speaks for itself. 

No Project is too Small: Sure, we have engineers and products to help you overhaul your entire process, but we also specialize in helping our clients with their smaller needs. It’s all part of our value-add. 

We are Connected: As a Zebra partner, L-Tron has direct access to Zebra support. This means we can get you the additional answers and solutions you need, as soon as possible. 

Service Excellence & Quality Guarantee: We’re ISO-Certified, meaning that we’ve established standard processes that result in the highest quality and the best service – guaranteed. We have a 100% quality promise, and put delivering to our customers first. Your success is our purpose.

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